Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System (SRHS) maintains a reputation for integrity and honesty in dealing with patients, 员工, 供应商和监管机构, 公众. We view suppliers as partners providing the best products and services for our patients. 我们必须管理好我们的承包商, 以公平合理的方式处理供应商和供应商之间的关系, free from conflicts of interest and consistent with all applicable laws and good business practices.






Expected vendor partner behavior is outlined in Vendormate, our supplier credentialing system. 供应商被要求立即报告任何可疑的不法行为, 包括安全问题, 致部门领导. While on-site, your company and its representatives shall adhere to SRHS expectations.


访问任何斯帕坦堡地区的位置, 供应商必须在venendormate中注册, 通过Vendormate提交预约请求,并接受该请求. Vendors with no current relationship with SRHS should contact the Purchasing department at (电子邮件保护) 参观任何设施前.

Any individual who visits an SRHS facility for the following reasons is considered a vendor for visitation purposes:

  • Soliciting, marketing, or distributing information regarding the use of vendor products or services. 
  • Participating or assisting in a clinical procedure/case management on behalf of their company.
  • 进行培训、教育、服务或现场演示.

该程序也适用于一次性访问. All vendor visitors will be required to electronically sign in and wear a badge issued for their pre-scheduled appointment. Badges must always be worn while on SRHS premises and displayed in a visible place for the duration of the visit. 领导人, 团队成员和护理人员也不会见面, 也不允许进入他们的领域, sales or service representatives lacking a valid visitor’s badge or an approved downtime alternative. 在走廊里游荡, 休息室, 食堂和医院其他区域禁止进入, 陌生电话和计划外拜访也一样.

Violations will be reported to Purchasing and/or Security after normal business hours. Vendors who do not comply with this process may be suspended or banned from conducting business at any SRHS facility.


我们在切实可行的情况下,尽量推行竞争性采购. 我们选择的承包商, suppliers and vendors will be made on the basis of objective criteria including quality, 技术优势, 价格, 交付和遵守时间表, 服务和维护充足的供应来源. 我们的采购决定将取决于供应商是否有能力满足我们的需求, 而不是在人际关系上. SRHS将不与任何供应商进行业务往来, debarred or ineligible to participate in federal or state health care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, 或者是谁的军官, directors or 员工 are excluded from participating in federal or state healthcare programs. 我们在资源选择的商业实践中采用道德标准, 谈判, determination of contract awards and the administration of all purchasing activities.


Spartanburg Regional is committed to developing mutually beneficial and successful partnerships with diverse suppliers by incorporating them into the everyday process of category reviews and product or service bids. We recognize the importance of having suppliers who mirror the diverse workforce and patient base that is served by Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System.


Suppliers are prohibited from requesting or attempting to gain access to confidential information concerning SRHS patients or product/technology use without a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), 《全球赌博十大网站》(HIPAA). 受保护的健康信息可能包括, 但不限于, 任何SRHS患者信息, 与护理人员拍照和讨论, 无论是在或场外的斯巴达堡地区财产.


Supply and equipment deliveries must be made to the loading dock at the appropriate facility. 装箱单和纸箱标签上必须注明正确的部门/收件人. Shipments without identifying information will be returned at the supplier’s expense.


Spartanburg Regional maintains a policy to guide 员工 concerning the giving and receiving of gifts and business courtesies, 以及与供应商的关系, 组织与患者. 供应商不能提供, 而团队成员无法接受, 任何物质礼物, gratuities and/or excessive entertainment in case or in kind from any present or potential supplier. 供应商应该意识到这一政策,并了解他们在遵守这一政策方面的作用.


Failure to abide by Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System’s supplier “Code of Conduct” will result in disciplinary action. 取决于违规的严重程度, Supply Chain management reserves the right to enact disciplinary action including suspension or ban of both representatives and products/services from conducting business at any SRHS facility.



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